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Our ego convinces us that when we achieve, acquire, get a "thing," we will then find true happiness. But, in truth, that acquisition produces only a f...View Details

Permission to be who we are, where we are at in our life, is the topic of this episode, continuing our conversation regarding Ego.  Instead of wishing...View Details

An uncommon dialog with me, a 51-year old X Generation and Trever a 17-year old Z Generation. Is the new generation detached from society, or is it ju...View Details

On Form and Ego - If we are not who we think we are, then who are we?  Divine Consciousness. The Observer? Ref:  A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle       

Reflections on Ego. Ego is how we identify ourselves within the world around us. What if we were not that? Who I Am is so much more.

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