Guilt and regret are the two most wasted emotions in our lives.  Anything that happened "Before" is over and done with.  There is nothing we can do about it.  So allow the regret and guilt and even shame to just flow out of consciousness and focus on what we desire today, right now.   

 The more energy we waste thinking about past regrets, the less energy we have to put into what we want to do right at this moment in time.  Take that extra energy and place it into a productive and happy place.  That makes you powerful and in control of your life. 

Learn from the past, recognize that you may or may not want to do that again, understand that the experience of doing what you may not think is a "Good" or "productive" use of your time, is a great measurement so that you can appreciate the feelings of when you do.  Remember, you cant experience, or know Light without dark, In without Out, Up without down.  Its part of the human experience and wasting your time on regret and guilt does nothing to nurture and create happiness in the now and future.

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