The law of attraction, vibrations, and frequency. why we can't manufest what we want.

Does our Body type represent who we really are?  If your not Sports Illustrated Cover ready, does that mean there is a problem?  Is there something br...View Details

Transition through Crisis

I continue along the theme from last week, regarding transformation or change in your life and how to go about allowing it to happen to you.  We hear ...View Details

So today I randomly talk about why bad things happen to good people, fires death divorce getting fired illness all of these  things happened to us in ...View Details

Labor Day musings regarding the power of Silence.  Taking a moment to remain silent, open to the possibilities, and observe the Now!  When a mind is s...View Details

walking, talking and taking responsibility ! i really enjoyed this first experience live streaming! this pic is my sunrise this morning, in beautifu...View Details

The four levels of consciousness discussed in such a way that it can be understood and most importantly what you can do with this knowledge.  Follow m...View Details

As a parent, teacher, or whatever level of leadership you may embrace, at home, work, or community, have you ever felt the pressure to be infallible? ...View Details

Many of our choices in life are based on Fear, Programming, and Personal Experience.  How do we know whats "Right" or "Wrong"?   Truth is like Religio...View Details

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