Yeah!  Mamma Bear is Roaring!  So done with choosing being squashed by negativity.  We each CHOOSE our attitude.  and lately, it's been near impossibl...View Details

How do Truth and Transparency serve yourself and others? Or does it?  Or is it simply a yardstick to measure others by and to feed your own ego or fee...View Details

Why are we here?  Why do we commit suicide?  What is our purpose?  Are we here to get recognition by other human beings who are also looking for recog...View Details

Today is a bit of a milestone - Episode 50!  My gift to you is a beautiful meditation/visualization of Universal Love.  Please enjoy and I hope you li...View Details

I know it's takes effort, but Peace is a truly a choice.   May you find Peace inside you!  You may have to dig deep...but in today's ep...View Details

It's ok to trust our own experiences.  Basing our beliefs, fears, desires on what someone else says we should be doing, being and having is not wisdom...View Details

What if we all lived outside the fear frequency? Love, acceptance of self and others, purpose all would be what we experienced daily , bringing Peace...View Details

what we want is elusive. let's talk about why

The inquiry is how do I find "fill in the blank?"  The simple answer?  It's already inside each and every one of us.  The problem?  The answer is so s...View Details

This too shall pass. Everything is temporary, this is both good and bad, but even the bad is good!

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