The inquiry is how do I find "fill in the blank?"  The simple answer?  It's already inside each and every one of us.  The problem?  The answer is so s...View Details

This too shall pass. Everything is temporary, this is both good and bad, but even the bad is good!

The Power within each of us is enough.  Ritual, Systems, Strategies are all tools to focus your intention and bring forth the Power that resides in ea...View Details

I found joy in tik tok! how fun! Today have my first caller! Mr. Do thank you for your wonderful conversation! blessings, love and gratitude!

Our human bodies are a petri dish of chemicals.   In truth, did you know that you are in control of these chemicals, but you think that these are in c...View Details

meditation and its benefits.

Well, today's episode turned out different than expected.  I was planning on talking about owning your mood, that Self Integrity is as powerful as Pea...View Details

Today I chat about having compassion for myself and others' beliefs.  During this time, so much seems either one side or the other.  If we open our mi...View Details

I had the honor to be interviewed on Old Spiral Podcast hosted by Brian Grimm and Drew Evans this month!  What a wonderful experience!  It was full of...View Details

Today I walk you through HOW to practice a moment of Presence.  It's a deceptively easy practice, I hope you enjoy it and practice it often.   Want to...View Details

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