With the Fears that are rampant in our Global Society, This episode is timely.  I recorded this last week but posting today, March 16, 2020.  Understa...View Details

In this Unscripted podcast - I share my thoughts on what's really going on with Synchronicity and Manifestations. Too many folks believe its as simple...View Details

Unscripted podcast - about Bending Spoons, Clairvoyance, How the Universe began and why we are here.  Talk about a deep dive!  The Journey to awakenin...View Details

"Everything I do I rush through so I can do Something else" Stephen Dobyns Confidence is believing in yourself enough to be in the present moment.  Al...View Details

Confidence is a feeling that you are a good person and deserve respect.  This is not accurate.  Confidence and respect actually come from within ourse...View Details

When you take charge of your life - it's impossible to not feel more confident.  Confidence comes from knowing who you are, where you're going and how...View Details

In today's episode, we begin to explore Confidence, where it comes from, how we get it and why we may not have it. We start February's off with the su...View Details

Today we recap all that we have learned this month and also some great idea's to help you move forward!   Go for Goals Accountability Partners!   http...View Details

Fear is the manifestation of an emotional reaction to our current state of consciousness. Why we experience fear and how to move through it is the sub...View Details

Living life on purpose, in the moment, so much easier said than done.  Mindshift from grind and struggle to in the moment 1. What we give others 2. Ho...View Details

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