We are tribal At our very core with in this digital age it is extremely difficult to be able to peacefully accept other cultures and other tribes wit...View Details

Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom.  Our desire for these states of being is what drives us.  But the question is, if we feel negative emotions most of the time...View Details

A little different this week.... Each week on my Facebook group Kause and Effect (link below if you want to join) I do a show about random shit...call...View Details

From the "Riot" of the mind to the "Peace" of your soul. It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted a new podcast because I have been cocooning. ...View Details

May 10, 2019 - on the side of the  Pyrenees Mountain in France was the day I awakened.  One year later, I share the experience, reading directly from ...View Details

A Spiritual Practice - Meditation, Grounding, Deep Breathing, Journaling, etc. are tools to connect with the truth of who we are; Spiritual Beings hav...View Details

Reality Check - We are all going to die.  This reality is 100% true for all of us.  How we live now, what we do now is all that really matters.  If yo...View Details

We can focus on the possible negative the future may hold for us and our global community, or we can turn the focus into the here and now.  We may act...View Details

During this crisis, its even easier than usual to become triggered by; Facebook posts, People standing too close, People not doing what you think they...View Details

Don't let Corona Virus break you.   Opportunity abounds in the chaos.  Will you take advantage of this downtime or will you dive into despair and powe...View Details

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