Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom.  Our desire for these states of being is what drives us.  But the question is, if we feel negative emotions most of the time, how do we move away from them and into happiness?  

Heres, the good news, you are not at the mercy of your thoughts or feelings.  

The five simple steps I share with you in this podcast are the gateway to creating your inner peace.  I promise you don't have to spend hours meditating, or join a circle or spin around three times and hold your tongue just right. 

These 5 Simple steps will launch you into a new direction of understanding that you are not your thoughts.  Your thoughts are not in control, even if it feels that way sometimes. 

You are invited to stop, be silent and become aware of yourself within this relative world.  A few simple steps will guide you towards the peace and tranquility you desire. 


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